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Acropolis 3000 trilogy complete

I wrote the first draft thirty years ago. I rewrote a 1000 page novel and turned it into three books, Genesis, Chronicle, and Revelation.

National Geographic had written an article about cloning, a copy of which I still have, and what we might expect in the future. I was filled with ideas, mainly whether clones would be accepted as being human and being recognized as individuals. I then wondered what would happy if you placed a society that has the need to label and categorize everything in their lives, especially when It comes to preconceived perceptions of “what is a human.”

Demetri is both heroine and hero in this coming-of-age story, as she can literally be a female or male. As a replicon, which is a class above clones with natural born humans at the top of the pyramid, she was engineered not to feel emotions or crave a human connection, as in loving and being loved in return.

The futuristic technology and dystopian society are secondary to the real plot - finding your own personal truth and learning to love unconditionally. This is both a love story and a story set during a major military conflict. And it concerns protecting the planet and all who share it - because the truth is, humans must learn to share and be kind for a future to exist.

Read the trilogy. I’d love to hear feedback.

Susanne Lambdin


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