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Acropolis 3000 Series

acropolis 3000 Genesis cover Kindle
Acropolis 3000: Genesis ​

Trinity Academy is the only school in the city-state of Acropolis to accept three classifications of humans as students—the elite C-1s born of natural birth, C-2 replicons grown in tanks, and C-3 clones. Students attend four terms to prepare for a lifelong service in the Acropolis Army-AirCorps. In the Frontier live REMs, registered mutants created by the nuclear fallout after WWIII, and it's the AAA's job to protect and serve until death.


For Demetri, a shy and awkward C-2, the academy offers the only opportunity to hone her fighting skills and learn proper social behaviors within a competitive environment where "pain is the best teacher." However, Demetri soon discovers something is wrong with her and her fellow replicons. Designed to be passive, celibate intellectuals, she and her classmates display a strange feral appetite for violence and intimacy.


When students start to disappear overnight mysteriously, Demetri sets out to discover the truth about her creation and the world, placing her siblings and friends in jeopardy, for those who question authority do not live long.

acropolis 3000 chronicles Kindle 2.jpg
Acropolis 3000: Chronicles​

Ambrose, the most powerful man in the Acropolis Army-AirCorps, Director of Tactical Affairs and Military Operations, wants Demetri and her siblings dead. Sent to the Beta-Quadrant by Master Mercator, the Trinity Hybrids are assigned as soldiers to General Hadrian Craigg. Demetri and Baron assume the identities of a senator’s missing children—Lieutenants Skylar and Seth Powell. Pretending to be members of the elite C-1 class proves a challenge, as fighting duels is the only way to defend one’s honor at Outpost 2, and many have targeted Demetri. However, duels are the least of her problems.                   


Demetri and her siblings soon learn that a hybrid enemy agent is hiding out at Outpost 2, but it’s the strange blue lights in the sky and unexplained deaths of fort guards that put the stronghold on high alert. Demetri discovers there are more than mutated animals and plants that live beyond the high walls. Another intelligent species with superior technology has emerged from the fallout of WWIII. The Trinity Hybrids, now called Echo Platoon, are sent to discover who they are and what they want, but few who enter the jungles of Beta-Q ever return.

Acropolis Revelations Cover blue KINDLE.jpg
Acropolis 3000: Revelations​

Demetri, now in command of the Echo Task Force, which is comprised of replicons, risks all to save Earth from its greatest threat—humans. When Dictator Thorndyke and Ambrose replace the High Command and Council in Acropolis, anyone who opposes them is arrested or murdered, and any replicons associated with Demetri are targeted.


Discovering a city of reptiloids in the Beta Quadrant might be Demetri’s only chance to gain an ally as civil war threatens Acropolis. The reptiloids, called Saurians, are Annunaki worshipers who believe the Sky Gods produced both humans and reptiloids long ago. However, the artificial intelligence named SIMON, which controls all technology in Acropolis and every AAA base worldwide, is compromised. It commands the ONE, androids that fly in cubes and have only one order to follow—destroy all Sapiens and Saurians.


As Demetri attempts to reveal Chancellor Ambrose’s ambitious plans to rule the world, she and her task force must enter the NEST to destroy SIMON. But does Ambrose or something else control the AI? Demetri aims to find answers. However, what awaits in the NEST is far worse than she ever imagined. 

The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie

The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie

Luckily for humanity, scientist Marie Curie applied her brilliant mind and indomitable spirit to expanding the frontiers of science, but what if she had instead drifted toward the darkness?
At the cusp of between child- and adulthood, at the crossroads between science and superstition, a teen Marie Curie faces the factual and the fantastic in this fabulous collection of stories that inspire, delight, and ask the question: What if she had used her talents for diabolical purposes?

The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie includes twenty short stories and poems by award-winning writers including New York Times bestselling authors Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, Jane Yolen, Alethea Kontis, and Jonathan Maberry, plus Sarah Beth Durst, Lissa Price, Christine Taylor-Butler, Mylo Carbia, Jo Whittemore, Dee Leone, Susanne L. Lambdin, Steve Pantazis, Emily McCosh, Henry Herz, Bryan Thomas Schmidt & GP Charles.

A Lovely Revolution

A Lovely Revolution

Natalie Harris, a single L.A. attorney, has spent her life pleasing other people. Her overbearing father, Kingston Harris, demands loyalty and hard work from his employees and treats his children like tin soldiers. When her niece, Leslie, and her British boyfriend, Daniel, decide to ask for his father’s blessing to marry, Natalie is sent by Kingston as a chaperone to England.


The American invasion arrives at the home of a widower, William Dalton, in Chester, England. A former Cambridge history professor and a current dealer of antiquities, William is the type of man Natalie never expected to meet―sexy, sincere, intelligent, and with a rapier-sharp mind. In his company, Natalie rediscovers her independence and love for painting while exploring the castles and Roman ruins of the countryside, where she soon surrenders to the Old World charm of William. However, they soon find themselves on the front lines of a battle between his son, Leslie, and their eccentric families, in this zany, romantic romp through England.

The Lady of Shadows

The Lady of Shadows

Lady Helen Fulbright suffers from partial amnesia, with no memory of her seventeenth year nor the terrible events of the night a fire consumed her family home in Dover. Left alone to raise her infant sister, Clara, Helen married Colonel Lord Alexander Fulbright and moved to London, but ghosts followed her from the family crypt with the message of, “remember.”


Widowed a few months after her husband departs with his regiment, the 11th Hussars, the hauntings occur with frequency in daylight hours. Helen’s young sister, Clara, often speaks to their dead brother, Andrew, and servants see phantoms in the hallways and hear something scratching in the attic. When an outbreak of rabies spreads through London, leaving the medical community and Scotland Yard baffled—for the infected attack without mercy and feed on their prey—Helen suspects foul play when her own servants fall ill.


Helen turns to Doctor Peter Cummings for help, a man who she feels is connected to her past. Romance blossoms between the two as the undead attack London each night, but unlocking Helen’s memory to the past comes with fatal consequences. Abramelin, a necromancer, employs the arcane arts of the ancient Egyptians to seize control of London and of Helen. But who is Abramelin? Why has this man taken an interest in Helen, the woman known as the “Mad Lady of Fulbright Manor?” And can Lady Fulbright “remember” before her family, friends, and home becomes consumed by the terrors of the night?

The Realm of Magic Series


Orphaned as a child, Taliesin was adopted by the Ravens, a clan that makes its living searching battlefields for valuables. Although she yearns to leave the scavenging lifestyle behind, she is good at it and has a knack for finding treasure amongst the fallen. 

Civil war is brewing, though, and leaders both good and evil are searching for the magic weapons they need to help their forces achieve victory. The most powerful of these ancient blades is Ringerike, a sword that is said to be both a king-maker and a king-killer; it is a weapon so beautiful that people are transfixed by just the sight of it.

If Taliesin can find Ringerike, she can free herself from her life as a scavenger and save her Clan from the sinister forces out to destroy it. But not all is as it seems, and friends are not always friends; she will have to choose her allies wisely if she is to survive, much less find the sword that could be her salvation.


Separated from her small Raven Clan, Taliesin has to set out on a quest to discover her heritage. Aided by her Raven Sword and Deceiver’s Map, Taliesin must journey through a landscape fraught with dragons, Wolfen, and the Hellirin—darkling fairies who live beneath the ground—in order to reach Duvalen, the magical Lorian city of the fairies. War has come to Caledonia, however, and several of the gods desire Taliesin’s aid in winning the war for their side. It’s brother against brother, and Taliesin must learn to control her magic if she is going to control her destiny.


The gods of Mt. Helos are in league with the Wolf and Eagle Clans, and Ragnal, the God of War, appears ever closer to bringing about the Age of the Wolf, destroying not only Caladonia, but the Magic Realms as well. One mistake and Taliesin could find herself a prisoner of any of the warring factions…or dead. Can a natural born witch, aided by a powerful sword, succeed in ending the war, or will she be consumed by the dark magic and her own inner-beast and bring about the Age of the Wolf?

Taliesin 3 New Cover_edited.jpg


Taliesin, the Raven Mistress, has been captured by Prince Sertorius, and she is being taken to the capital, along with Sertorius’ army of Garridan soldiers. Sertorius’ intentions are unclear—does he go to aid his father, King Frederick, who is besieged by the Wolf Prince and a rebel army, or for some other, darker motive? While the Raven Clan grows, tucked away in Penkill Castle, Taliesin escapes, only to receive a message that King Frederick needs her help. While she wants to help the king, Ragnal, the God of War, has other ideas. Arriving at last at the capital, Taliesin learns the Royal Court of Caladonia is far more corrupt than expected, dabbling in political intrigue, dark magic, and murder. Will Taliesin be able to convince the Magic Realms to help her defeat the Wolf Prince and Ragnal, or will the kingdom fall to the war god and the Wolfen? Unless Taliesin and her magical sword, Ringerike, can defeat her many enemies and forge an alliance with the High Council, the barbarians of Skarda, the darklings, and a dragon named Bonaparte, she may spend the rest of her days on a leash. But she is a sha-tar, a natural-born witch, and it is her destiny to do the impossible, and prove to all that she is—the Queen of Magic

The Swords of Draconus: The Winter Prince

The Swords of Draconus: The Winter Prince


LEGEND says that ‘every child born of a dragon and a human is judged at birth by the Gods. If the child is born out of love, they will inherit magical powers, intelligence, physical strength, and beauty. But if the child is born out of hate, a monster of unspeakable mystic abilities and a lust for power will be born.’

In the prequel to ‘The Realm of Magic – Seeker’ trilogy, set one thousand years earlier, Winter Prince Tarquin Draconus of the Winterlands, the youngest son of King Tancred III, is responsible for defending the northern province. Since birth, Tarquin has been immune to magic and has a strange ability to render any mage or enchanted weapon powerless, causing people to believe he is ‘cursed.’

With the arrival of the Harvinder Comet, darklings crawl out of their lairs, drawn above to kill and feed on humans. Nobles and knights go missing and return to their homes changed. An ancient evil has cast its shadow on the Kingdom of Arkadia, and King Tancred III is too old and feeble to defend his realm. His other three children uphold the Autumnlands, Stormlands, and Summerlands but refuse to believe the stories until a black dragon is spotted in the Parnak Mountains.

Drawn by tales of the Drakons of Thrill—an ancient race of shapeshifting dragons—and a mighty weapon called the ‘Soul Sword’ that only a sha’tar can use to restore the balance between good and evil, Prince Tarquin sets out with the Winter Army to learn the truth and soon discovers some legends are REAL.

Dead Hearts Series


Cadence Sinclair was a seventeen year old girl from America’s heartland who loved horseback riding, a comfortable pair of jeans, and hanging out with her friends. That was before the Scourge. It’s been eleven months since a deadly virus wiped out billions. For the few who remain, life as they knew it is over. Nations fell, governments were rendered obsolete, and resources became scarce. The human race had to start over, facing even greater odds . . . Zombies.


Now, Cadence leads safety patrols and supply missions for a survivor’s camp at Pike’s Peak. When a routine mission goes south, Cadence gets more than she bargained for. She must lead a ragtag group of teens against an onslaught of scavengers, zombies, power-hungry military leaders . . . and a mutating virus. Her team, the Fighting Tigers, face increasing dangers threatening the stability of the camp. An uprising in their fragile, new home may bring further devastation, but what they discover lurking beyond their security fences could be the end of the human race.


Forsaken Hearts, the second book in the Dead Hearts series, picks up where Morbid Hearts left off-- a few weeks after the pivotal battle at Pike's Peak.

Makeshift settlements under the authority of the Freedom Army provide refuge for the survivors of the worldwide "Scourge" that has destroyed all known civilization, turning most of the human population into zombies.

Quasi-military teen patrols have been assembled to guard the camps' perimeters from scavengers and those infected with the ever-mutating H1N1z virus.
Cadence and her Fighting Tigers, one of the top teen patrols, are working to maintain the fragile peace at the survivors encampment at Seven Falls, but tensions are rising. 
Dissent within the ranks splits the camp into factions, which is only in the best interest of the new vampire menace that has emerged in Colorado Springs.


Exiled from Highbrow’s camp, Cadence and her Earth Corps take control of NORAD and prepare to fight back against the Kaiser and his elite Shadowguard. Darkness looms as both camps face isolation, internal strife, and a shadow of evil that haunts their every move. There is no rest for the wicked as the Kaiser seeks the eradication of anyone who stands against his march toward global dominion. Ancient monoliths, time travel, and a newly awakened race of demons present unprecedented obstacles as the disparate forces join together to hold back a tide of evil that threatens to consume the remaining thread of humanity. Join your favorite characters as they continue their fight for survival, and the survival of the human race in the story has been called, “…a new twist on the supernatural scene.”


As the battle between the Earth Corps and the Shadowguards comes to a costly end, Dragon and his team continue searching for survivors and the missing members of their team. What they discover will challenge the very core of their existence and will alter the course of the war dramatically. It's a war the survivors thought they had won. They thought it was over. Cadence knows, however, that is has only just begun. The rifts created by time travel and the activation of the Babylonian Stones not only stirred two warring races of demons, but also woke the old golds and brought a new global enemy to power – one that has been waiting for hundreds of years for this very moment. Ever-mutating strains of the virus threaten human existence as the world stands at the brink of domination by power-hungry ancient gods. In a war for the soul of the universe, ancient gods rage against demons, magic and science collide, and every living being must face a new species of that is more devastating and powerful than anything history has ever produced. In order to survive, humanity must stand united…and defiant.


Separated from the Earth Corps, Cadence has arrived at the magical island of Antillia, where Poseidon has gathered the Pantheon of Light. Although these ancient gods want to save the human race, Odin and Aries have brought together the Dark Pantheon, an assembly of the most evil ancient immortals, and they are using the Babylonian Stones to outflank the forces of good. Their victory seems almost a foregone conclusion. But a sliver of hope remains. Ancient armies await the call to battle, needing only a summons by their former commanders, and other allies are available…if they can be rescued from Hades’ hellish domain. The Earth Corps members must go to the far corners of the world, and beyond, if they are to acquire the aid they need. Time is running out, though, for the enemy is on the move, and the Blood Syndicate and NATO forces will soon be overwhelmed. War is spreading across the planet, and the Earth Corps must race to bring their forces to bear before the human race is wiped out. Once again, the team is divided, outmatched, and overwhelmed as it fights its ultimate battles in the streets of London and Rome. Can the new gods defeat the old gods and save the human race? Or has the human race finally seen its end?


Legends are always based on some form of the truth.


Bloodlines: Exordium, Vol. 1, follows the saga of Logan Bennet left behind by the Earth Corps in the 13th century. By forming the Blood Knights—an organization of vampires sworn to defend the human race during a time England and Scotland are at war—Logan’s rash decisions lead to a chain of events that threaten the future. With the Earth Corps’ defeat of Odin and Aries, the Blood Syndicate, led by Chancellor Logan, assumes the task of rebuilding international cities. His ‘Tolerance Act’ allows all Supernatural creatures to live together in harmony, but this is far from the truth.


The Dark Angels, forced to join the Syndicate, discover an army of the undead frozen in the hell dimension of Caceri. Meanwhile, Agent Parish and the Blood Knights, now employed as Syndicate time travel agents, use the Babylonian Stones to travel to the past to retrieve influential historical figures. Unless the Dark Angels and Agent Parish unravel the mystery behind the Syndicate’s darker purpose, the human race, which includes zombies cured by the Earth Corps, may once more be on the brink of total annihilation.



‘First comes the Dark, then Fire, Fang, and Flood.’

Bloodlines: Medius, book 2, finds Logan Bennet and his mother, Lenora, in Miami with the remnants of the Dark Angels. Shirkas—a species of super-zombies—are harassing the coastline. The Blood Syndicate and U.S. military defend the Wall of Liberty that surrounds the city, the only thing standing between the inhabitants and the horde. However, the Centauro rebels may have a solution—kill the High Council members, whom they believe control the zombies, and destroy the Babylonian Stones to prevent TTD agents from time-traveling. And they want the Dark Angels to help.


Dark mysteries and demonic rituals threaten the survivors of a war-torn world. Cadence and the Earth Corps are needed to prevent a hellish uprising, but where are they? And if Picasso, Logan, or Parish can find them, will they be able to stop the demons, or is this the beginning of Armageddon?



‘People will do anything when they are desperate.’


Bloodlines: Ultimum, book 3, unfolds amidst the Battle of Miami. The Shirka are spread throughout the world, attacking every Syndicate-held city along with the Earth Corps strongholds. While Logan and Lenora travel to ancient Rome and Atlantis in search of a powerful weapon to use against the demons of the House of Balan, the enemy gains strength. Armies led by the Vescali Princes—Azazel and Samael—band together to fight Emperor Balan and his entourage of evil female demons and Caceri’s army of the dead.


Picasso joins with the anidaemons from Atlantis on a mission to rescue the Moirai demon Ishtar and her sisters, who were released from the Babylonian Stones. Meanwhile, Mia D’Aquilla is possessed by a Moirai demon as Parish and Hansen are rejoined by the Blood Knights. With the arrival of Cadence and the Earth Corps, the forces of good have a chance to defeat the armies of darkness. Picasso, Logan, Parish, and Mia join at last in a final effort to defend the world from total annihilation. Emperor Balan means to rule the world, and this time, he does not intend to fail.



'First came the Dark and the Rise of the Dead—Next comes Hell’s Fire.’

Colorado’s Front Range is covered with prehistoric, man-eating trees, and Dr. Delilah Crane, a biologist at Colorado Springs University, searches with a team of students for the source of the infection as the death toll in Colorado Springs rises.

Deputy Stephen Babineaux, a/k/a ‘Wolfie,’ awakes in his bed to find the world has changed. Shadow people follow Stephen wherever he goes, a constant reminder he should be dead. When he hears Mr. Oracle’s broadcast that NOVAC Pharmaceuticals is behind the new outbreak, the task of finding missing pets for Sheriff ‘Nomad’ McClain is no longer a priority. Someone has tampered with the timeline and created tree zombies, and he intends to find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Captain Marc Powers (Highbrow) is suspicious of the pills NOVAC dispenses to the ‘Returned’ soldiers at Fort Carson. The disappearance of a squad on Pikes Peak brings help from Fort Bragg. The Black Company, led by Major Mix, has orders to use flammable chemicals to destroy the Dark Forest. Luna, leader of a werepuma pride, must warn Chief Chayton and the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe who are right in the line of fire…but every step leads Luna and her friends closer to a ring of conspirators led by a demon from Atlantis.



The Fallen have arrived in Colorado, and it’s up to the Dark Angels to protect the Front Range.

Chaska has come of age to take his father’s place as High Chief of the Three Wolf Tribes, but something evil stalks them all. While Sheena assists the Dark Angels and researches the true identity of the Fire Lord, trouble arrives in Manitou and Colorado Springs. Wendigo, skinwalkers, and wraiths stalk the forest, and they hunt for Whisper, the missing member of the Earth Corps who travels in the north with a sheepdog named Asmoday.

Ginger joins a small team to track down Whisper in Montana, only to learn the Native American sites are being used by bloodthirsty demons Below to come Above. Ginger and Micah’s coven, shaman Chenoa, and Vulcan must combine their magic against the Fire Lord as his evil allies fight to obtain the Grand Grimoire from Captain Pallaton’s library of collected artifacts once belonging to Balan. Written by one of the Fallen, the book contains the true names of demons and spells that can release the last Moirai—Nabessa.

In the battle between good and evil, the ‘Eternal Laws’ maintain a fragile balance of power. It’s only a matter of time before someone breaks God and Lucifer’s rules to turn the tide of war, and when it happens, history may repeat itself as it did in Atlantis.



‘As it is Above, so it is Below.’


In the modern world, Lord Balan reappeared as the Kaiser in Colorado Springs, unleashing a zombie apocalypse on Earth. However, the betrayal of Captain Pallaton of the Shadowguard, his faithful servant, resulted in Balan’s death and earned the vampire a reputation in Hell as a dangerous enemy.

Now the leader of the Dark Angels, Pallaton is in charge of defending the Rockies along with his nephew, High Chief Chaska of the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe. Their safe haven is threatened with the arrival of Prince Stolas, Balan’s third son among the Vescali, who twists these ancient laws to raise an army of werewolves, Wendigos, skinwalkers, evil gods, and ‘Bob,’ a monstrous forest zombie with a voracious appetite.

When Serval demons crawl through mirrors to replace humans and infiltrate Pallaton’s home to steal the Grand Grimoire, an evil spell book, each of the heroes set upon by a demon of equal power. Chaska is destined to fight King Lycaon, the first werewolf, but uncertainty plagues the young wolf. The last Moirai possesses Whisper while Raven and Picasso remain captives of Stolas. When Phoenix loses her superpowers and Ginger falls under the spell of one of the Fallen, it appears the Dark Angels are undone, and the vindictive Lords of Atlantis and the Fallen will triumph over good.

Logan's Journal Kindle.jpg


Companion to the 'Bloodlines Trilogy.'


For seven hundred years, Logan Bennet was a prisoner of the ancient Greek god, Hades. Things can get complicated when time travel is involved, and an ancient Axon demon terrorizes the modern world by creating a zombie apocalypse. The powerful Earth Corps team members and human survivors in Colorado Springs believed Logan died in a battle fought against Lord Darkmoore, a wraith, during the 1340s in England. However, Logan resurfaced in modern times as the Chancellor of the Blood Syndicate, an evil cooperation run by Vescali demons and vampires, to wage war against Commander Cadence, the Earth Corps, and the Pantheon of Light. Only Chancellor Logan is not the real Logan Bennet.


Captured by Hades while trying to use a Babylonian Stone to return home, Logan spends his days in a winter landscape, in a cold, dark cell. He is not alone. Hades is collecting old supernatural adversaries with the help of Vescali hunters from all over the world, and the prison is full.


Time runs differently in this Hell dimension, and one day in Caceri is one day on Earth. Logan has nothing else to do but write about the horrors he experiences in a journal and hope someone might find it in the future and read what actually happened to him.

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