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About the Realm of Magic


The Realm of Magic trilogy follows the adventures of Taliesin, a member of the Raven Clan, a natural born witch with the ability to find magical weapons. The only problem is the Kingdom of Caladonia outlawed magic two hundred years earlier, it’s now in the middle of a civil war, and the enemies of the crown are searching for someone with Taliesin’s rare 'gift'.


When Taliesin’s clan visits a battlefield, she finds a magical sword, a magical map and a rebel prince’s flag; unfortunately, members of the Eagle Clan and the Wolf Clan observe her retrieving the items. Events are set in motion, and with her dearest friends at her side, Taliesin set out on a wild adventure in search of the most powerful sword in the land – Ringerike, the legendary 'Raven Sword'.

Pursued by the Wolf and Eagle Clans, two rebel princes at war with their father, and a jealous war god named ‘Ragnal,’ Taliesin has the magical ability to make or destroy kings. To win her allegiance, a man must first win her heart . . . and she is not a woman easily fooled by tricks or sweet words. She is a true warrior and believes in honor, truth, and just causes, but there are many who desire her to fail.

Join her incredible adventure in what "SCREAM MAGAZINE" calls 'an ode to 'Lord of the Rings.'


Raven Clan

The Raven Clan is scavengers of the dead; considered the lowest ranked of the three clans - Raven, Wolf, and Eagle. Members are commoners, criminals, orphans, and undesirables. Names are assigned to each new member who takes the Service Oath. Once the oath is taken, it is considered a binding, life-time obligation. The clan has a hierarchy, the Raven Master at the top, the Black Wings, who are guards, and individuals assigned to collect weapons, armor, and personal items from battlefields. Members wear dark green cloaks, with an emblem of a raven on left breasts. The clan makes a living by selling these items in towns. Due to

their profession they are scorned by society and feared.


Service Oath: “We come from nothing, say nothing. We swear to protect the Raven Clan, brothers and sisters, eggs,

nest, and tree. Family first and then comes the grave.” 

Compliment: “True to the beak.”

Headquarters: Raven’s Nest is located in the dukedom of Maldavia, built in and around a giant oak tree in the Tannenberg Forest called Mother. The clan gathers in Raven Hall located in the main structure at the foot of the tree. * Black Castle is the ancestral home of King Korax Sanqualus  and the  Raven Clan, located beneath Tantalon Castle, in the royal city of Padama. 


Black Wings - Armed guards charged with task of protecting village and plunder.

Black Rooster - A former Stroudian monk by the name of Father Jorge.

Blunt - An elder of the clan; friend of Osprey.

Buzzard - A stable boy.

Crane - A stable boy.

Drake - A stable boy.

Falcon - Twin brother of Talon; adopted by prey and Minerva.

Grudge - A new comer to the clan; Taliesin’s bodyguard.

Hawk - Older brother of Wren.    

Hillary - Master Osprey's advisor and head of household staff; formerly known as the Red Bandit.

Kloot - Older clan man member.

Minerva - Osprey’s wife.

Mrs. Caldwell - Head house keeper.

Osprey - Raven Master and leader of the clan; married to Minerva. 

Quail - A hardened, experienced officer in the Black Wings.

Rook - A mute from the Isles of  Valen;  Wren’s sweetheart.

Taliesin- Adopted daughter of Osprey and Minerva; true daughter of the swordsmith, John Mandrake; assigned to find rare weapons.


Talon- Twin brother of Falcon.

Toad- A stable boy.

Wren- Sister of Hawk; a skilled healer; Rook’s sweetheart.

Eagle Clan

The Eagle Clan is the elite of the three clans. Lord Arundel Aladorius is their leader and heads the Tri-Counsel. This clan is known for political intrigue, kidnaping and spying. They ransom captured noblemen, knights and officers to their families or interested parties; collect important documents, from maps and battle plans, to letters written to family members. Retrieved bodies of the upper class are returned to their homes. members wear gold cloaks with the emblem of black eagle claw on the left breast. 

Headquarters: Eagle’s Cliff is a castle located in the dukedom of Erindor.


Arundel Aladorius - Lord of the clan; has two pet eagles named Griffin and Claw; a sorcerer; an immortal Tritone, a type of merman, who masquerades as a human; formerly Sir Arundel served King Korax in the Raven Knights one thousand years ago.

Eagle Legionaires - Elite fighting guard; equal in fighting skills to a knight; there

are six legions.

Ethon - Assistant to Lord Arundel.

Glabber the Glib - Deceased poet and bard; wrote ‘The Tale of the Wren Wife’,

among many other  plays and ballads.

Glabbrio - Secretary and envoy; son of Glabber the Glib.

Orell - Assistant.

Sir Cerasus - Commander of the 1st Eagle Legion, a sorcerer.

Vestus - A legionary who joins the Raven Clan as Earnest.

Xander - Master Xander is Lord Arundel’s son and heir; half-Tritone and half

human; a sorcerer.

eagle_full copy.png

Wolf Clan

The Wolf Clan is the second-ranked clan in the realm. Their job is to find survivors on battlefields, which includes commoners, foot soldiers, archers, and servants. Survivors can be sold into slavery to the northern kingdom of Skarda, or returned to their dukes for a price. They also collect live animals from the battlefield to be kept, eaten, or sold to the highest bidder.  Their dark grey cloaks have a black wolf print on the upper left breast.




Cano - Father of Varg, he was the first werewolf and created the Night Breed.


Varg -  He is the first Wolfen and spread the disease with his bite. 


Varguld - The Age of the Wolf - the day when Ragnal will lead the Wolf Clan to victory over all humans, Lorians and Hellirins, and turn all into Wolfen.

First Chief: Caninus - Turned by Cano; created the Wolf Clan, later killed by Lykus who took his place.

Headquarters: Wolf’s Lair is located in the dukedom of Scrydon; one o f many castles owned by the Wolf Clan.




Adalwolf - Joins the Raven Clan as Hornbill.


Bardalph - Joins the Raven Clan as Trogon.

Bleddyn - Joins the Raven Clan as Kingfisher.

Farkas - Joins the Raven Clan as Robin.


Lykus- Chief of the clan; formerly  Sir Lykus who served King Korax in the Raven

Knights one thousand years ago; bitten by Varg and turned Wolfen.

Phelon - Son of Lykus and heir.


Toralu - Joins the Raven Clan as Condor.


Wolfen - A form of lycanthropy inherited from Varg, a supernatural wolf, owned by the war god Ragnal; all members are infected with a bite; able to turn into monstrous creatures or wolves. This transformation and their barbaric, cannibalistic rites are kept secret from society.


Wolfgar - Captain of the Wolf Pack.

Wolfmen - Name for warriors in the Wolf Pack.

Udolf - A lieutenant; Wolfgar’s second-in-command.     


Ulmar - Joins the Raven Clan as Petrel.

Wolf copySTROKE copy.png

Map of Caladonia


Kingdom of Caladonia

Magic Realms:


Lorian capital: The city of Duvalen

Augur, the - Wife of Zarnoc, mystic and counselor to the royal family and court

Azniya - Name of the Lorian Augur

Boron - King of the Lorians

Dehavilyn - Queen of the Lorians

Kadmos - The Augurs peacock

Tamblyn - Prince and bard

Umbria - The Augurs white owl

Ursus - The prince's pet polar pear

Zarnoc - Court jester and great wizard; related to Taliesin

Hellirin capital – Nethalburg It is known for No Man’s Forest, also called the Darkling Wood.

Darklings - Undead fairies, includes other supernatural creatures.

Dolabra - Countess and sister of Boran; lover is General Folando.

Folando - General Akri Folando; related to Taliesin through Lauralee.

Lauralee - Wife of King Korax; related to General Folando, a Hellirin.

Other Realm: A place like Limbo where the dead go to relive their lives over and over, for eternity.

A fan cosplaying Taliesin.

Swords of Draconus: Map of Palavori

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