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Check out newest trilogy - Acropolis 3000 - a military sci-fi story about the literally first year of life of hybrid humans grown in tanks in the year 3000 and emerging at 18 to enter an academy to be groomed for military service. Books 1 and 2, Genesis and Chronicles can be found and @kindle; Revelations will be out before Christmas.

Also coming out through publisher short story in Alien v. Predator universe, breaking ground with amazing trans female Marine battling both hostile species on a distant planet; and a short story in an anthology on Marie Curie as a teenager In a Warsaw school, that are weird twisted horror tales.

Next project? Return to the Realm of Magic in an exciting prequel with a new hero and a race of dragons that can transform into humanoids, along with a new magic sword that holds many dangerous secrets and unique powers.

Read more books. Read mine. Xoxo

Susanne Lambdin


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