A Glossary of Dead Hearts


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Dead Hearts...


Is a fantasy/supernatural/horror series set after a zombie apocalypse has destroyed civilization. What makes this series different is it deals with not only a strange mutating virus that nearly wipes out humanity and then re-creates it but its aftermath. The story delves into the heartache, the compassion, the doubt, the frustration, and anger that a group of survivors must face left on their own in the Colorado Rockies.  There is uncertainty but there is also hope.


Some teenagers become leaders, like Cadence, Highbrow, Thor, and Dragon. Many perish or join the zombie horde. Others, infected by the mutating H1N1z virus, turn into vampires, werewolves, or shifters―able to morph into the likeness of the infected animal that bit them. The virus, known as H1N1z, has existed for thousands of years, its true purpose unclear; however, in ancient times, it spawned every known pantheon of immortals, gods and demons alike, as well as extraordinary supernatural creatures.


In a world where magic is real, time-travel possible, and the survival of the human race is dependent on the perseverance of Cadence, 17, who assumes the role of the survivors’ commander, every day is a battle. Harassed by an ancient demon, the Kaiser, who seeks control of the world, both creator of the virus and the zombie apocalypse, and the Shadowguard, his army grows larger every day while the survivors dwindle. Cadence must rely on her camp friends (many who are infected), the Dark Angels (a small band of lawful vampires) and the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe (shifters), to battle the Kaiser and his offspring from Atlantis in this epic tale deemed, “lightly breaded with weirdness,” to ensure Hell does not rule on Earth.


True to human fears and emotions, DEAD HEARTS explores more than survival in a world decimated by a zombie scourge, but also the depths and strength of the human spirit and how it will find a way to survive no matter the odds.

From the Author:​


The virus in the Dead Hearts Novel Series is a character in itself…it mutates even if you’re already infected, and you might end up with two viruses, so you can turn into something quite different than you’d expect. The reason for this is because zombie and vampire fans all agree a zombie can’t turn a vampire into a zombie, and a vampire can’t turn a zombie into a vampire, but a virus can do anything it wants. This series is also about friendship, trust, deception, betrayal, and growing up in a world that’s turned upside down.

Zombies are a common enemy for teenagers from every walk of life to fight together, because you have to work together if you want to accomplish anything. And it doesn’t matter where you came from, who you were, or what you did before you came to the Peak…you get a new start in my world, a new name, and teammates, or, you end up as one more zombie just trying to find something to eat. Zombies don’t have to worry about going to school, minding their parents, graduating, finding a job, paying bills, or making beds in the morning. So maybe it’s not that bad to be a zombie, if you don’t mind the smell.

This is the one series where every genre you can hope to find in one book comes together!

The Scout Patrol Teams


All Scout Patrols have their own names, logo, and nicknames to suit their personalities. Each team has 6 members: Leader, second-in-command, sniper, guard, retriever and scout. Every team carries their own trademark weapons (guns, swords, crossbows, spiked baseball bats, etc.), and wear colored berets with team patches.

Click on each badge below to find out more about each team. 


Below are some of the main characters from the Dead Hearts series.


Cadence – Born on November 30th (a Sagittarius), Cadence Sinclair is 17 years old, tall, athletically built, with long brown hair and piercing green eyes.  She is from a small town in Kansas where she lived with her parents and two younger sisters.  She was the only one to reach Pike’s Peak.  Based on her strong personality, she was selected to be the leader of the scout patrol; ironically, Nightshadow didn’t know it was her real name when he gave it to her. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Highbrow – From Colorado Springs, his true name is Marc Powers, the eldest child of Senator Douglas Powers, a wealthy and powerful man.  He is 17 years old, tall, thin, with unruly brown hair and blue eyes.  Considered highly intelligent and book-smart, he attended a prestigious East Coast prep school, but returned home after his father was sent to prison.  He is given the name Highbrow because of his upper class upbringing and is second-in-command. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Whisper – A junior at Manitou Springs High School, he is 16 years old, average-sized, with dark blonde dreadlocks.  He smokes cigarettes and pot, loves to snowboard, and always wears a light blue parka.  He arrives at Pike’s Peak with a few kids a few weeks after the Scourge broke out.  He is given the name of Whisper and assigned to the Tigers as the team sniper. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Freeborn – A full-blooded Cherokee from a reservation in Arizona, she is 17 years old, with a tall, powerfully built figure and long black hair worn in a braid.  She believes her tribe’s ancestral spirits watch over her and believes in destiny.  After the reservation is overrun by zombies, armed with her father’s old shot gun, she makes her way to Pike’s Peak.  She is given the name Freeborn for being a free spirit and a Native American.  She is the team guard. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Dodger – From Colorado Springs, he comes from a middle-class family and was sent to the same elite prep school as Highbrow.  He is 15 years old, tall, rangy, with brown hair and brown eyes.  He wears his father’s old brown leather coat which is far too large.  His tendency to steal items is matched by his sarcasm and total lack of regard for authority.  He is called Dodger because he frequently avoided being arrested.  He is the team scout. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Blaze – Originally from Kansas City, after her mother and brother are killed by zombies, she arrives at Pike’s Peak with Smack.  She is 16 years old, bi-racial, and considers herself a Goth.  Her hair is white with pink tips.  She is covered with tattoos and wears five studs in her left ear lobe and her eyebrows and nose are pierced.  Her fiery temper and smart-mouth are the reasons why she’s called Blaze.  She is a retriever and skilled with the crossbow. Team: Fighting Tigers.


Smack – Born in Aspen, Colorado, she is physically mature for a 12 year old.  She has freckles, red-blonde hair worn in pigtails and wears plaid skirts and knee high boots.  While attending her grandmother’s funeral in Kansas, the Scourge broke out.  Due to her constantly chewing bubble gum, she acquired the name Smack.  She is the seventh team member and a retriever. Team: Fighting Tigers.

China Star

China Star – From Colorado Springs, she is 17 years old, of Chinese descent, petite, with long, black hair and amber eyes. She comes from a wealthy family. She was a senior in high school when she met Dragon. She is given the name China Star due to her beauty and heritage. She selected the name China Six for her team. Team: China Six.


Dragon - His mother was Japanese and his father was born in Hong Kong. Trained at a young age in judo and kendo, along with his six older brothers, he won dozens of trophies. He is 16, tall, handsome, and athletically built with long black hair and dark brown eyes. A tattoo of a green dragon curls up his right arm and on the left arm is a red dragon. The name Dragon was given to him due to his tattoos. He is second-in-command fights with a katana named Lóng (Chinese for dragon) and a chisa called Hebi (Chinese for snake). Team: China Six.


Luna - Having inherited naturally white hair and violet eyes from her parents, at the age of 17 she is an exceptional beautiful girl and very kind. She is the leader of the team.  They fight with medieval weapons. She wears pink lipstick, styles her hair, and wears fancy lingerie under her battle gear. Her best friends are Cadence and Star. Team: Headhunters.


Thor – From Colorado Springs, he was the quarterback on the high school football team. He had a scholarship waiting for him at Colorado University when the Scourge broke out. At 17 years of age, he possesses a muscular physique and temperament to match his nickname. He wears a bomber jacket and likes to smoke cigars. Confident, arrogant and a bully, he is fearless in battle and likes to fight. He is the leader of the team. Team: Vikings.


Raven – A fiery, conceited 16 year old Latino girl. She is originally from New Mexico, but her family moved to Colorado before the Scourge broke out. Her father was a physician and she was the youngest of three sisters. None of her family survived. As second-in-command, she keeps her teammates on a tight leash. Her name is credited to her dark beauty and long black hair. Team: Vikings.


Dr. Rose Standish – A pale blonde in her 30s, she has a PhD in genetic research. She is the leader of the Dark Angels. She is highly intelligent, clever and compassionate. She believes in protecting humans and does not drink human blood; nor do the others on her team. Team: Dark Angels.


Picasso – A former U.S. Army Ranger with battle experience. He is in his late 30s, of Italian dissent, and is the military advisor. He was made by Salustra and like all of her off-spring has glowing violet eyes. His head is shaven and he wears fancy business suits. He wears two silver revolvers under each arm and inside of his coat are a number of throwing knifes. Team: Dark Angels.


Agent Parish – American; a detective from the 1960’s; her father Stan Parish was Logan’s father’s partner on the NYPD; born intersex; loves Hansen. Team: TTD (Syndicate Time-Travel Department).


Mia Moretti – Romeo's younger sister; made by D'Aquilla and was involved with him; also involved with Cornelis. Team: The Centauro of Rome. (Vampires) 


Logan – In his early 30s, he is the leader of nearly three hundred scavengers. He is African American, handsome, sexy and suave, with chocolate brown eyes and a deep voice. He shaves his head, wears a gold necklace, and drives a yellow Hummer. Women are attracted to him, but his only true friend is Nomad. He works as a scavenger. Throughout Bloodlines he leads a team of Templar Knights throughout time and later becomes president in an alternate time during the Night Breed trilogy


The following is offical work and fan art for the Morbid Hearts series.

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