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The Realm of Magic: The Winter Prince


LEGEND says that ‘every child born of a dragon and a human is judged at birth by the Gods. If the child is born out of love, they will inherit magical powers, intelligence, physical strength, and beauty. But if the child is born out of hate, a monster of unspeakable mystic abilities and a lust for power will be born.’

In the prequel to ‘The Realm of Magic – Seeker’ trilogy, set one thousand years earlier, Winter Prince Tarquin Draconus of the Winterlands, the youngest son of King Tancred III, is responsible for defending the northern province. Since birth, Tarquin has been immune to magic and has a strange ability to render any mage or enchanted weapon powerless, causing people to believe he is ‘cursed.’

With the arrival of the Harvinder Comet, darklings crawl out of their lairs, drawn above to kill and feed on humans. Nobles and knights go missing and return to their homes changed. An ancient evil has cast its shadow on the Kingdom of Arkadia, and King Tancred III is too old and feeble to defend his realm. His other three children uphold the Autumnlands, Stormlands, and Summerlands but refuse to believe the stories until a black dragon is spotted in the Parnak Mountains.

Drawn by tales of the Drakons of Thrill—an ancient race of shapeshifting dragons—and a mighty weapon called the ‘Soul Sword’ that only a sha’tar can use to restore the balance between good and evil, Prince Tarquin sets out with the Winter Army to learn the truth and soon discovers some legends are REAL.

The Art of Storytelling

I strive to write exciting books with deep plots and intricate subplots interwoven to create a compelling story. Readers want to bond with characters and relate to their problems. With fifteen novels now published, I have learned it’s not always the main character readers relate to in a story, and more often than not, it’s the secondary characters who win their hearts—characters who may lack confidence or courage and have strange quirks or dark pasts.

When building a world, it’s essential to research and know what you’re writing about, so I rely on history and my own life experiences to make my stories believable. Building solid, multi-faceted characters is just as important as world craft. A hero and/or heroine is only effective if the antagonist is a real threat, and every villain is a hero in their own mind. Therefore, I want my readers to understand why the antagonist feels animosity toward the protagonist or the world at large and possibly sympathize with them and their situation. 

While working in my family law practice, I learned there is more than one side to any story. You have to listen to both individuals in a legal matter in order to fully understand the case, and in fiction, it’s the same thing. The author’s job is capture the reader’s interest and to solicit strong emotions about the characters and the situations they are placed in. Just like real life, it’s a matter of perspective on who a reader empathizes with and roots for in a story. People are complicated, after all. A reader deserves to know the full story and why characters are motivated to act or react  as they do and feel satisfied with the final outcome by the time they read 'The End.'

- Susanne L. Lambdin, Author

The Realm of Magic Trilogy

This dark fantasy series is about Taliesin, a young woman adopted by the Raven Clan, who scavenge off battlefields by permission of the King of Caladonia.  With an amazing ability to locate magical weapons, in a realm where magic is outlawed, Taliesin finds a magical sword, a mysterious map, and a royal flag, which launches her into the middle of a civil war in the realm of Caladonia, with major factions, including the Eagle Clan and Wolf Clan, hunting for the ‘girl with the magical gift'.




Book 1 in the Dead Hearts Series follow Cadence Sinclair was a seventeen year old girl from America’s heartland who loved horseback riding, a comfortable pair of jeans, and hanging out with her friends.
That was before the Scourge.

It’s been eleven months since a deadly virus wiped out billions. For the few who remain, life as they knew it is over. Nations fell, governments were rendered obsolete, and resources became scarce. The human race had to start over, facing even greater odds . . .


Her team, the Fighting Tigers, face increasing dangers threatening the stability of the camp. An uprising in their fragile, new home may bring further devastation, but what they discover lurking beyond their security fences could be the end of the human race.

This was like a cross between the 'Vampire Diaries' and 'The Walking Dead,' with lots of twists and turns that had me riveted from Chap 1 on. Love the strong female lead, quite fearless, while maintaining her humanity in a hostile post apocalyptic environment, I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to get the next one.

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